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First Man

Houston We Have a Problem-Whoops! Wrong Movie!
Indyfreak - wrote on 03/06/19

Damien Chazelle's recreation of the moon landing is a technical achievement with impressive visual effects and attention to detail to spare. But unfortunately it's also a slow dry slog of a film stretched over two and a half hours. You await the historic climax not to appreciate the accomplishment but only because you know the movie is nearly over. Not a good sign. Ryan Gosling while normally an interesting and charismatic lead is dull as Neil Armstrong. Interestingly, the most compelling part of the film is Claire Foy as his beleaguered wife. A similar story of similar scale and length was made about the space program almost forty years ago and it was called The Right Stuff. I suppose the titel is all the more accurate since it had the right ingredients to make an entertaining movie instead of something just vying to be oscar bait.

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