Indyfreak's Movie Review of Firewalker

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Firewalker is burnt to a crisp by the end credits
Indyfreak - wrote on 10/17/18

It's one thing to be paint-by-numbers as even with mediocrity, there is an expectation of some level of competence. Therefore, there is mild enjoyment to be had.
However, the Chuck Norris led treasure hunt film FIREWALKER is painfully incompetent at rousing the spirits of viewers to get into the adventure. Sure the fight scenes aren't bad;that's because Norris is a far above average fighter. That's expected.
But he's unsuitable for this type of swaggering daredevil explorer in the mold of Indiana Jones or even Michael Douglas in ROMANCING THE STONE. Louis Gossett Jr. isn't bad as his sidekick but can do better. The girl Melody Anderson is painfully wooden and shrill. Her performance is on par with high school theater.
The story liberally borrows from nearly every other 80s movie that dealt with treasure hunting but lacks the intrigue or wit to make it interesting.

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