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Blade Runner 2049

Denis Villeneuve, sci-fi sucessor to Ridley Scott
Indyfreak - wrote on 03/02/18

One of the most outstanding film sequels in some time, Denis Vileneuve does the impossible and expands the world building & storytelling possibilities of a cult favorite that prided itself as a stand-alone film for years.
Thirty years after the original BLADE RUNNER, a replicant officer named K (Gosling) excels as the successor to fugitive Rick Deckard (Ford). Only during a routine mission, he uncovers a relic from the past that makes him a target of the immeasurably powerful tycoon Wallace (Leto), sleazy opportunists, zealous fanatics, and corrupt bureaucrats everywhere.
If there is a complaint, it's that storytelling is more exposition heavy than in 1982. So several plot details best left unsaid or hinted through visuals are spelled out for what I guess is an impatient audience these days. As a result, it's an hour longer than the first film but the central mystery and expansion of the Blade Runner universe is worth it. The production design and visual effects look great.
Ryan Gosling at first seems an odd fit for this cyberpunk noir world but he's solid as the stoic protagonist trying to piece all the puzzles together. Harrison Ford is allowed to emote for a change in his older years. Supporting castmembers include Robin Wright, Mackenzie Davis, and Dave Bautista who are fine in their designated roles. Standouts are Jared Leto, Sylvia Hoeks, and Ana de Armas.
BLADE RUNNER 2049 is proof that big budget thinking men's science fiction is not yet dead and still has plenty of steam left.

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