Indyfreak's Movie Review of Lethal Weapon 2

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Lethal Weapon 2

The Lethal Weapon Formula Cooked to Perfection
Indyfreak - wrote on 09/24/14

The best of the Lethal Weapon movies. The next two installments may have bigger budgets and more recognizable cast members but this one maintains the trigger-happy spirit of the original while expanding upon the depth of the friendship between Mel Gibson and Danny Glover's characters. Their formidable adversaries are led by a relentlessly smarmy Joss Ackland while Joe Pesci joins as the lovably annoying Leo Getz for the first time. The action sequences are exciting and humorous with collapsing buildings, death by flying kayak, and a tense showdown on a container ship. Its only hindrance is a shoehorned romance that ends in a tragic manner so jarring it momentarily takes you out of the movie. Despite this, Lethal Weapon 2 demonstrates how much fun you could have with Richard Donner, Shane Black, and its two high-profile stars at the top of their game.

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