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The Raid 2

Holy F**king S*** (x10)!!!!!
Indyfreak - wrote on 07/23/14

Of course the best action film of the year 2014 is from Indonesia.

No way in hell is it going to be coming from Hollywood these days with its obsession with superheroes, aliens, and vampires. How to describe The Raid 2: Berandel in one word? Relentless.
This is a relentlessly brutal. bloody, but beautifully filmed tale of deception and betrayal that violently erupts across the Indonesian cityscape and within the confines of its criminal underworld in an orgy of breathlessly choreographed action scenes and astoundingly staged fight scenes. This year has been a good year for blockbusters so far but only The Raid 2: Berandel comes close to being a pure rush of adrenaline.
The plot is honestly nothing we've not seen before but my god the conviction of the performances, the atmosphere that's been cultivated, and the buildup to the action is nothing short of extraordinary. As I said a few times already in this review, The Raid 2: Berandal is the best action movie of 2014.

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