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Wanted (2008)

I can shoot backwards too
Owtkast - wrote on 08/27/08

First: I have to admit not being a fan of the Director, Tim Bekmambetov after seeing NightWatch. I loved his cinematic style and special effects sequences in that movie but felt the story fell apart by the end. Second: I have skimmed through the comics in which this movie Wanted is based on and never really got into them. Finally: This movie delivers!! An abundance of profanities and over the top action sequences that are beyond reality to the extreme could have sunk this movie to the bottom of the sea - but due to the interesting and visual techniques, humor and actual acting within the film it swims - if not winning a gold medal at least the bronze. James McAvoy (the sweet faun from the Chronicles of Narnia) plays the loser we all know, Wesley Gibbon. The guy, who just trudges through life allowing himself to be walked upon, cheated on, humiliated and has no desire to escape it, except in his bottle of anti-anxiety meds. Enter a beautiful Woman, Fox (Angelie Jolie), a mysterious wise man Sloan (Morgan Freeman) and his life instantly changes from Billing Reports to Gratuitous Violence, Mastering Weaponry Skills, and Assassination. Believe me when I say what the Matrix introduced, Wanted has mastered. The director is a skilled artist at using the camera in conveying visual emotions of Wesley like I have never seen before, wait I take that back, seen it in NightWatch. I definitely recommend this deliberately humorous, action packed, violent, profane, to-the-extreme film to be seen on the big screen - check this one out!!

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