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Death Race

Death Race 2000
Owtkast - wrote on 08/27/08

Based on the 70's movie Death Race 2000, this is so much more. It has death, races, and it's co-produced by Roger Corman but the similarities stop there. Whereas DR 2000 was pure camp, this is an over the top extreme action flick. Schlock has come a long way! My friend BuBBa was right when he said this movie rocks. I would go a step further and call it a masterpiece. A sensational work of nihilism, death and destruction. Sure it will never win an Oscar but that is unfortunate. It would be nice for a change. The violence is shameless, extreme, and and gratuitous. In other words it's awesome. It turned out much better than the previews implied. If you like lots of action you will not be disappointed. I don't want to spoil anything, but I have got to say it has a great ending. So don't let this one pass you by. Great action flicks are too few and far between.

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