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Rabbit Hole

Grief is Scientific
PsychoKing1227 - wrote on 02/21/11

David Lindsay-Abaire's play was beautifully-contrived, controlled, and set in the most rare and precious of places: grief. "Rabbit Hole" delves into coping mechanisms between these two extraordinary people, Howie and Becca Corbett: Howie's attempt to keep things status quo and Becca's attempt to rid every memory of losing her only son to a senseless, faultless accident. After reading the play, I actually expected more from experimental filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell, who could have allowed the brilliant cast to compose the lyrical account of grief for him, but I feel he had too much input into the character development, as well as fixating too much on the outside of the grief, as opposed to the more timbre-oriented inner-life of these magnificent characters crafted by a beautifully-penned playwright. It was indeed a great film, but in the end, I wished for more of the play and less of the cinema.

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