Matthew Brady's Movie Review of The Happytime Murders

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The Happytime Murders

Truly special
Matthew Brady - wrote on 04/02/19

One of the best murder mysteries in recent memory.

From start till finish I was hooked, and the ending was totally not lame at all. I'm struggling to gasp why this was so poorly received. Maybe it's too smart for them? Or maybe the critics are being paid from Marvel to trash the movie, because that has to be the reason, right?

Anywhere, Melissa McCarthy is absolutely amazing in this movie. A comedic genius with hidden details in her character. My only issue with McCarthy performance, which is a small bitchy nitpick by the way, but I wished she fell over more to add an extra laugh in my miserable life. Of course that's one complain that unfortunately stops it from being a 6/5, but it still stands at a 5/5, so yeah.

Everything else on a technical stand point is flawless. I love how the movie looks with it being overly light and no way dose it look like a cheap TV movie on Netflix. Detective Phil Philips is so relatable as a character and more down to earth than any human. He might be my new favorite character of all time, right behind Dylan from 'Fateful Findings'.

Brian Henson, well done - I'm proud of you.

EDIT: April fools!

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