Matthew Brady's Movie Review of Eighth Grade

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Eighth Grade

Matthew Brady - wrote on 12/31/18

"Growing up can be a little bit scary and weird."

'Eighth Grade' is an honest and relatable look on growing up. Almost hard to watch at times, but dose an excellent job of making you feel for the protagonist. Embracing it's cringe that many people, including myself are familiar with.

Bo Burnham perfectly captures the teenage phase with awkward close-ups and the camera focused on Kayla which shows her isolation. Who would've predict a comedian now acclaimed director.

Elsie Fisher (the coolest girl in the world) is so incredible that I completely forgot she acting. Before she was unknown, but now consider herself known after this. Also Josh Hamilton is fantastic as Kayla's lovable dad. There is not a single performance I did not buy in this movie.

By the end, despite the misery and the unfortunate, there is light in the most difficult times.

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