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Enter the Dragon

Enter the Dragon - Movie Review
Matthew Brady - wrote on 04/09/16

Lee: "You have offended my family. And you have offended the Shaolin temple."

Enter the Dragon isn't what I call a masterpiece of film making or anything near outstanding when it comes to it's characters, acting or story line, but honestly, who comes to see a Bruce Lee movie expecting that? I sure didn't. Just pointing out the obvious things that anyone would find if those chose to watch this with a critical thinking mind, which you would easily spot the problems straight away. But the movie dose deliver on one thing and that's the punch, with it's flawless Martial art fight scenes. This is a very enjoyable movie with Bruce Lee showing off his awesomeness in his last ever film.

Without a doubt, the best part of this movie is the fight scenes and I know it's quite obvious to say that, but the fights are the highlight of the film. I felt every hit, punch, kick and smack in all the fight scenes and it's all by the power of Bruce Lee himself. It's glorious to watch and it's by far the best on screen fight scene from any movie I've seen, I mean the amount of detail that Lee puts in his fights are just extraordinary. There's no quick cuts or shaky cam used in those scenes, as it was all naturally filmed. I would go that far and say it's true art *like the title* "Martial arts."

This movie doesn't have the most intriguing story, as it's more of a prop itself to hang up in the background so we can get to the real juice stuff. So people can't say it doesn't have a story because it dose, but it's too silly and hasn't got anything remotely interesting that can grab my interest on what's going on. It's also a slow burn at the start, as it takes awhile to get where it needs to go, but it's worth the wait.

The acting was pretty bad, as I notice countless times that some of the actors have no emotional on their face when there's scenes that's suppose to be intense or somewhat funny. The editing is really off as well and it's mostly to do with it's weird cuts that comes out of nowhere that feels out of place.

Overall Enter the Dragon is a very enjoyable movie with plenty of fun to be have. But what really sucks is that this is the final film we will ever see of the unique, extreme, but talented, Bruce Lee. The legacy will live on.

Bonus fact: Jackie Chan makes a small cameo in the movie. The title of the video is wrong, but hey.

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