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Planes: Fire & Rescue

Better then the first movie.
Matthew Brady - wrote on 07/24/14

A squeal that nobody wanted, so why did make this movie, I bet Disney thought the first movie was so good that the people riot on the street wanting a squeal. Famous racer Dusty Crophopper gets a wake-up call when he is told his engine trouble means his racing days are over. He finds himself going from the racing circuit to aerial firefighting, as he is taken under the wing of veteran Blade Ranger and his team of Smokejumpers. When a massive wildfire hits, Dusty will get his chance to shine and finds out what it means to be a true hero. This movie has colorful animation and so of the jokes was a bit funny this time, and also this movie is better then the first one, but it still has a lot of problems and some charterers were uninteresting in the film.

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Chris d - wrote on 08/04/14 at 07:55 PM CT

Planes: Fire & Rescue Review comment

I totally agree was soooo much better

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