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District 9

KingInTheNorth - wrote on 08/15/13

It was the marketing coup of the young century: When in January 2008 "Cloverfield" launched in theaters worldwide, the film was already on everyone's lips. The "Cloverfield" strategists at producer J.J. Abrams had without the pull of big stars get along and there was no popular literary model. In addition, the budget of just $ 25 million was far removed from the usual blockbuster for comparable magnitude. But Abrams followed a clever tactic: A little teaser that really made ​​exceptionally curious, deliberately scattered over the Internet video and images, and appetizers to a strict confidentiality policy stoked the interest of the growing and influential online community.

This strategy was for The Lord of the Rings (Peter Jackson) unmistakably pattern for his sci-fi film "District 9". In various U.S. cities suddenly appeared puzzling prohibition and warning signs with areas that were declared as "just people," non-human beings should be reported immediately. There were only a cryptic reference to the site of the film. The mandatory mini-videos on the Internet and a large presence at the number one geek show, Comic-Con in San Diego, curiosity fueled further. A U.S. opening weekend with a box office of $ 37.4 million and # 1 at the box office was the result. And, like we do with "Cloverfield" the hype was justified, and the final film keeps the expectations stood. Newcomer Neill Blomkamp manages the feat of delivering a first-class sci-fi actioner, the film works as entertainment as well as a strong political plea.

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Is this a review? That's just info about the marketing.

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