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Finding Dory

Another Great Pixar Sequel!
Snoogans - wrote on 06/25/16

'Finding Dory' is the surprisingly solid sequel to the much beloved 'Finding Nemo'. Here we follow the exploits of memorable (no pun intended) supporting character Dory as she journeys to find her long lost parents. Her positive attitude and ambitious nature make her goal worth complete investment. The fact that she overcomes every obstacle by jumping in head first gives a level of excitement to her adventure. Once the essentials are established at the beginning, the movie pushes forward at a quick pace and doesn't hit any slow downs. Plenty of humor and action are perfectly balanced out with a bevy of new likable characters - the best of which being a seven armed octopus. The "septopus" and Dory are a terrific pair, complimenting each other's faults with their own strengths. Flashback sequences are easily woven into the story through the gradual recollection of Dory's childhood. They showcase a tender look into a family dealing with their child's disability in the most loving way possible. It all comes to an emotional climax that would probably be more susceptible to parents in the audience. A great message wrapped up in the sweetest possible way. Marvin and Nemo also take a big part in the story. They are on the trail to rescue Dory after a separation. Their father/son teamwork leads to a small arc for Marvin in the process. The only gripe I could muster for this film would be the bit overlong action packed climax. It's fun and exciting, but the constant stacking of the events leads to a somewhat ludicrous moment that almost took me out of the film. If it didn't borderline on the outlandish and maybe took place before the great emotional climax, then I'd be able to look past it no problem. Didn't bother me too much. I had a really fun time with this one. I was smiling and laughing throughout. 'Finding Dory' definitely ranks in the higher half of Pixar films.

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