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Fifty Shades of Black

'Fifty Shades' of Unpleasant Annoyance
Snoogans - wrote on 01/31/16

'Fifty Shades of Black' is most definitely one of the worst parodies ever made. It's not as scattered, unfocused, or soul crushing as the past abominations from Friedberg/Seltzer (i.e. 'Epic Movie', 'Disaster Movie' -- and so on). However, it does stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those turds in terms of it's terrible sense of humor. You can really only critique parodies on your scale of laughter. Well, I didn't laugh once. Not even a tiny smirk or grin. Almost all of the "jokes" (pshh...) revolve around explicit exaggerations of gross bodily functions or the absolute worst racial stereotypes. That's IT! There is no humor worth any substance. The repetitive mean spirited nature of the characters made for a frustrating watch. One particular recurring character was so damn offensively annoying that I couldn't take it. Every time she appeared on screen I said out loud: "Please go away!". Some comedies are just unfunny, while others are completely unpleasant to watch. This is one of those unpleasantries. It's supposed to be a parody of 'Fifty Shades of Grey'; a target so bad it's already self-parody. 'Black' does indeed stick close to the plot of 'Grey', only adding in two scenes devoted to other recent films and keeping the unnecessary pop culture references down to a very low minimum. At least Marlon Wayans had the decency to do that much. Only problem is he forgot to make it funny in any way. I was so desperate to be entertained that I found myself making fun of the awful jokes. I was spoofing the spoof. If that's not a sure sign of utter failure, I don't know what is. God, this movie SUCKS!

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