Snoogans's Movie Review of Knock Knock (2015)

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Knock Knock (2015)

... Who's There?
Snoogans - wrote on 12/21/15

One could see this as a sleazy, torturous, home invasion thriller, but it's not the type of sleaze and torture you'd expect from this source. Our protagonist's life is wrecked by two unassuming sexual deviants. They want to punish this innocent man by taking away his innocence and ruin his life in the process. Physical harm is only a necessity to keep him immobile. Their true intentions are more sinister. I liked this angle. It mostly works due to the layered writing and performances of the two women. They are completely unpredictable from beginning to end. The whole film works solely on their shoulders, and I never once found them to not be entertaining. Keanu, on the other hand, is on and off. Certain scenes between him and the girls manage tension, while others had me unintentionally laughing at his questionable line deliveries. He wasn't able to convey distress in crucial moments. The intentional comedy, while amusing, sometimes clashed a bit with the seriousness of the situation. A few shortcomings are forgiven with the ice cold ending. The fact that our two perpetrators don't actually have a motive only adds to that affect.

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