Snoogans's Movie Review of Krampus

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Holiday Mis-Givings
Snoogans - wrote on 12/10/15

'Krampus' invokes the fun 80's horror comedies that skew more towards a family audience, while not being entirely kid friendly. It strikes that perfect tone between frightening and funny, never letting one outweigh the other and coinciding nicely. That said, I was left wanting much more. I felt both areas needed more of a punch. It was almost too safe at certain times when it could've gone further. Individual fun moments are sprinkled in that utilize holiday customs in dark ways. I loved the look of the entire film - from the snowed in festivities, to the decorations, to Krampus and his many different minions, - it all felt like classic Christmas. The holiday is done justice. A majority of practical effects/costumes add to the seasonal mis-givings. I very much appreciated all this film had to offer visually. The story and characters were decent, but lacking a bit overall. We got a nice little holiday treat, instead of a great gift. That's still way better than coal.

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