Snoogans's Movie Review of The Walk (2015)

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The Walk (2015)

One of the Best IMAX Experiences
Snoogans - wrote on 11/01/15

'The Walk' is the second best IMAX viewing experience I've ever had. The effects are completely convincing and the 3D only enhances them to even greater heights of immersion. The film's main centerpiece (walking between the twin towers) is breathtaking and anxiety inducing in equal measure. It was made all the more tense by my personal fear of heights. A unique interactive experience that you can only get from the IMAX format. The effects are great throughout rest of the film, as well. The first half plays like a sped up biopic on the man who accomplishes this mighty feat. It's handled with lots of obvious 'movie' dialogue (and narration), in which the characters continuously tell us the movie's main theme and our feelings towards it. This almost got to my nerves. Thankfully, the actors are great and it's all dealt swiftly. The second half becomes more exciting when we switch gears into the mechanics and operation of this massive and illegal task of rigging the tightrope between the buildings. It almost plays like a heist flick. He gets the team together, grabs the essentials, and maps out a plan. I found the final moments after the actual walk to be the most genuine and inspiring. I just wish I had felt that way from the beginning. I may have not have loved the whole film, but I did gain one unforgettable movie-going experience.

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