Snoogans's Movie Review of What We Do in the Shadows

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What We Do in the Shadows

Clever Drawn Out Sketch Movie
Snoogans - wrote on 07/30/15

Basically, it's the 'Spinal Tap' method done with vampires. This is a very clever little film. The whole approach is like a nonchalant reality show version of vampires. We see four of them share a space and go about living day-to-day. Much thought went into the gags. They incorporate lots of vampire lore seamlessly into the casual setting without having to waste time on explanations. Each of the vamps are distinctly different in look and personality. Werewolves and zombies even show up. Even though this is a short and less filling endeavor, it still dragged on a bit for me. The feeling of this whole piece being one elongated sketch grew more and more as the film progressed. Luckily, it ended about the time I'd had enough. It's the main flaw keeping this smart comedy from really taking off. The whole reality television approach wears thin when the gags don't pack any significant laughs. Sure, this is a funny movie, but I found myself saying: "Oh, that's clever!", more often than actually emitting laughter. There's consistent chuckles, but it overstays it's welcome once the credits roll. Definitely worth admiring for the creativeness.

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