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Maggie (2015)

Schwarzenegger Shows Depth, Which Movie Lacks
Snoogans - wrote on 07/21/15

'Maggie' is one of those slow depressing dramas about a family dilemma, usually revolving around an illness. Here, that illness is a case of the zombies. The bleak world depicted is just outside the fringe of the typical apocalypse. Everything operates as normal, but in a much downgraded manner. Containment of the problem is at a manageable level. The threat still remains in some capacity. I bought into this world and the main issue facing this family. I thought the performances were serviceable, especially from a much reserved Schwarzenegger. He's able to convey more inner turmoil through less dialogue. I was impressed. The whole film has a much more realistic tone to the characters, dialogue, and situations. It ends up being a drawn out wait for Breslin to eventually succumb to the fate told in the beginning. That's the main flaw. I already knew how it was going to end, and the entire movie hit every single note on this uneventful journey exactly the way I predicted. This made the drama un-involving. The emotion that I needed to feel for the characters was absent. The zombie aspect isn't intricate to the drama. You could've swapped out the ailment with an actual disease and the movie would've been no different. I admire the attempt here, but it was missing a reason to care.

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