Snoogans's Movie Review of Spring

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Solid Romance Dampened by Unneeded Excess
Snoogans - wrote on 07/16/15

The setup of 'Spring' is refreshingly un-cliche. This guy has no family left, and not much going on in his life, so he runs away to another country. While there, he becomes a farmer and seeks the affection of a stunning and sophisticated woman. I liked all of this. The slow build-up had me at ease. I enjoyed the scenes of the couple together. It felt natural. That is, until the film's sci-fi/horror element takes center. It had only been hinted at in glimpses for a long time. The air of mystery kept me guessing. Once her weird truth is revealed, I lost most all interest. The rest of the movie is spent giving confusing explanations for her condition and contemplating what it means for their relationship. It all comes down to a final twenty-four hour date that hangs on the notion of 'will they, or won't they be together?'. The continuing slow pace only dampens this latter portion for me. I was waiting, and waiting, for a resolution. The final moment turned out to be predictable romantic fodder.

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