Snoogans's Movie Review of Love & Mercy

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Love & Mercy

Moving, Honorable Portrait
Snoogans - wrote on 06/29/15

'Love & Mercy' is one of the best biopics I've seen. It doesn't follow the usual genre format. The story goes back and forth between two different time periods, each being their own contained narrative of the same character, and each connecting with the other. This format allows for a very specific kind of character study. The result is deep and genuinely emotional. Everything flows together with natural ease thanks to terrific directing and acting. Dano and Cusack are both immersive. They are easily believable as being different sides of the same person. This adds strong investment in Wilson's struggles, leading to a perfectly satisfying finale. But my favorite aspect is the accurate look into Wilson's songwriting process, including his methods in the recording studio. These scenes brought much creative joy and insight to his personality. The actual movie score mixes perfectly with these recreations of past hit songs. 'Love & Mercy' is a moving depiction that honors one man's achievements in a satifying personal portrait.

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