Snoogans's Movie Review of The Voices (2015)

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The Voices (2015)

I Hear Originality
Snoogans - wrote on 05/31/15

'The Voices' is undoubtedly the most original film I've seen this year. This darkly comedic serial killer story does something that very few movies can ever manage. It makes the murderous main character understandable and sympathetic, while not once condoning his crimes. He's likable and unpredictable in his attempts to be normalized. Short doctor visits and childhood flashbacks give just enough of a reasoning behind the voices. Those voices provide most of the clever laughs. The odd cheeriness to the interactions with other characters is also very amusing. That comedy actually balances out with the saddened repercussions of the killings. Those crucial moments are taken seriously and handled with suspense. All of these aspects somehow gel into a cohesive tone. I was impressed and entertained from start to finish. This is a neat little indie that I'd recommend to anyone.

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