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Ex Machina

Highly Intelligent, Highly Entertaining!
Snoogans - wrote on 05/11/15

This subtle thriller builds it's tense atmosphere quietly through conversation. The actions of the three characters are based on their hidden agendas and assumptions towards each other. My perception of who was playing who varied as the second half progressed. This three way mind-game drew me in with it's perfect pacing of the reveals. An increasing uncomfortable feeling pulses in the background until the release of dread in the finale. The climax almost borderlines on horror. It intrigues, as well as disturbs, in the most simply effective way. The dialogue is terrifically written, being both highly scientific and easily accessible at the same time. The technological/human subtext is woven perfectly into the narrative. It has a much more fascinating and sophisticated commentary on A.I. than the cliched representation of 'are robots conscience?' that I've seen in so many recent films. The robot in question here is a wondrous sight to behold. A true work of special effects beauty. Her look and performance give the absolute believability of the most advanced machine acting just on the fringe of humanity. 'Ex Machina' will most likely be the best sic-fi film I see all year.

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Ryan Stephen M - wrote on 05/11/15 at 09:39 AM CT

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Great review.

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