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Thor: The Dark World

He Laid the Hammer Down
Snoogans - wrote on 11/12/13

'Thor: The Dark World' is able to overcome the slight inconveniences I had with the first simply due to the fact that it is a sequel and is free to let loose, story wise. This sequel, unlike 'Iron Man 3', does much to further the universe created by the previous Marvel films. Though, it does this seamlessly while still working as a standalone effort. Those minor problems I had before are mostly gone. A substantial portion of the film takes place in Asgard and other reams, the action is abundant, and the humor is improved upon. There's still the addition of a couple needless characters and one side-plot, but the overall tone feels more balanced. It's just more enjoyable than it's predecessor, especially in the latter half. I only wish there had been more scenes between Thor and Loki. These were the definite highlight of the film. The final fight is a very creative crowd-pleaser. A promising effort that sets up even more promising things to come.

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