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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Coins, yes!
Gabe - wrote on 01/08/12

I don't even know where to begin. First, I loved this movie. It was brilliant in its presentation and even under all of the effects, which there were many, the story didn't get lost. And in fact, they usually helped move the story along. Visually, this movie was stunning. If you are a fan of video games or comic books, this film is for you. I do have just a few questions though, SPOILER ALERT AHEAD:
1. Why did Gideon start the League of X's in the first place? And what exactly was the chip that was placed in Ramona?
2. When Scott defeated on of the X's, or their minions they turned into coins. Did this happen every day? It seems that it was just no big deal that the people were turned into a pile of coins.
I know sometimes I take things too seriously, and I need to just let a movie tell me story without having to explain every little detail, but I feel those were important questions.
Anyway, check this out, it's fantastic and original, which is unusual in today's cookie cutter and focus group movie world.
This is also probably the only time outside of Fight Club (1999) that you'll ever hear a Frank Black (I heard Ramona Sing) or a Pixies (Where is My Mind?, in Fight Club) in a movie.

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