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Requiem for a Dream

A Difficult Watch for a Great Movie
FSUNoles27TS - wrote on 12/06/12

---This Review is a Spoiler---

An extremely terrifying and dark movie. This movie does, what I suppose to be, a great job looking into addiction and its victims. Every character is hauntingly believable and realistic. Jennifer Connelly deserves credit for a good performance and for acting in some disturbing events. Leto is a user of drugs, but more so a user of people. As his addiction gets worse he steam rolls everybody around him to make sure he can sustain his high at all periods. What he subjects his girlfriend to is disgusting and sickening. The plight of Wayans character wasn't felt as much. as the script almost had him as a secondary story line to the other three. Nobody's story is more horrifying and heart wrenching as the of Burstyn's character. Ahead of its time, this movie included addiction of prescribed medicine for people who aren't even attempting to reap the side-effects. Her character devlves from a retiree with friends and freedom to a lunatic. Her transformation was brought on by, in my opinion, her need to feel appreciated by the friends in her building and her son. She practically kills hersef to be on TV. The saddest part of the movie was when her two friends fell apart in anguish at their friends demise. That scene translated to the fact that her friends did truly care for her and that she didn't need to do anything but be herself to be liked. This is a movie with no re-watchability for me, because it is a difficult watch... but it is a MUST-See.

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