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In Bruges

A director to look forward to!!
Tino - wrote on 05/16/08

n Bruges is one of those movies, that takes you by surprise, right in the middle of any given moment of the film. It starts off as a somewhat vulgar, dark, english comedy. Throughout the entire film, the audience is given these long shots filled with operatic and slow music, while its patrons are bombarded with the architecture and beauty of the ancient city. The city becomes a character itself. It is a film that flows so smoothly, and just runs with a very unique feel. Sometimes it is artsy, even maybe poetic. Other times it has rock going along with a little bit of action. The film takes a dramatic twist, that really pulls tough on the emotional strains of both of the main characters. Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson give outstanding performances, that really show the darker and more compassionate side of hitmen. This is some of the best work that you will see from either of these fine actors.
Farrell and Gleeson play Ray and Ken (respectively), two hitmen who have just finished a job, get orders from their boss (Ralph Fiennes) to go to the Medieval town of Bruges, Belgium. Ken wants to stick around calmly, and sight-see in the majestic city, while Ray is incredibly anxious and absolutely hates the city. Along with the cast and crew of a local movie set, Ray finds trouble wherever he possibly can. After the story reveals some dramatic and troublesome background, it becomes much more dramatic, and starts focusing on the very real development of all the characters. It still has its dark humor in here and there, but it completely holds its own. It's easily the best film released this year!!

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