Lee's Movie Review of Heaven is for Real

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Heaven is for Real

A must watch for non believers
Lee - wrote on 07/24/14

From a guy who always kept his religious beliefs quiet (And still do) as soon as I read online about Colton Burpo a 4 year old who told his father pastor Todd Burpo (Played by Greg Kinnear in the film) that he, after being almost declared dead during surgery for a ruptured appendix, had visited heaven and met Jesus with the most vivid detail including info he couldn't possibly have known needless to say I immediately ran out and picked up the book..perfect timing as I was having extreme difficulties with my own beliefs. Put it this way the book was a head scratcher ....

Now they released a film on the book and to be quite honest with you I had little and no interest seeing (I always believe the book to be better in any case scenario ) however after finally sitting down and watching the film I'm glad I did as it warmed my heart way more than the book ever could. The book made me reevaluate my beliefs of God , Jesus and heaven much due to the fact that Colton was only 4...I might not have had such a change of heart if he was an adult.

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