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We're the Millers

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Lee - wrote on 08/25/13

Although the movies I find Jennifer Aniston in these days are pretty enjoyable, I was not prepared for her role as a stripper in this and you know what? She actually is quite funny!! Director Rawson Marshall Thurber whose only other movie that I had seen was 04's 'Dodgeball :A true underdog story' a movie I wasn't impressed with I might add, totally redeemed himself with this latest comedy. We're The Miller's star Jason Sudeikis , who I only saw before in Horrible Bosses also costarring Jennifer Aniston, was the film's comedic gem. Sudeikis plays drug dealer David Clark who after getting robbed of all his stash and money gets sent down to Mexico by his boss Brad Gurlinger (Hangover series Ed Helms) to bring back what he refers too as a smidgeon of pot across the U.S. border, in a do it or die type scenario, if he succeeds in doing so he will be cleared of the money he owes Brad and on top of that he will make another 100g's.

David decides to hire a family to fool the Mexican authorities and border patrols and hires a dork that lives in his building to portray his son Kenny (Will Poulter 07's Son Of Rambow) a teenage runaway to portray his daughter Casey (Emma Roberts 09's Hotel For Dogs) and last but not least a stripper who also resides in his building Rose (Jennifer Aniston) This movie was indeed casted well and the writers definatly have a flare for the funny as I laughed my butt off through most of this.

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