Lee's Movie Review of Snitch

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Johnson's talents wasted here
Lee - wrote on 03/09/13

When unknown directors such as Ric Roman Waugh want me to watch anymore of their films they may want to start with a blockbuster...not a dud. So many times Dwayne Johnson has accepted garbage scripts and it is such a waste and makes his acting abilities seem almost mediocre. Snitch had a good premise as Johnson portrays father and construction company owner John Matthews who is seperated from his wife and only son Jason (Rafi Gavron) The movie starts off as Jason agrees over a Skyoe conversation with a freind to hold on too a package for a day and he will make some major cash. Jason reluctantly agrees and when the package arrives all hell breaks loose as under the drugs is a police tracer. Seconds only progress as the dorrs to his home get busted down by dea officers. Jason has been framed and sentenced to 20 yrs in prison if he does not agree to snitch on someone else to reduce his time. Being the good guy that he is he refuses to do it and accept what is coming to him. This angers Matthews who takes it upon himself to do the snitching which in turn gets him involved in a life and death situation.

Like i said the movie's sypnopsis is really cool if maybe both the screenplay and the director himself were changed. Would love to see this in another director's hands.

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