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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

People have comfort food...this is my comfort film
Lee - wrote on 09/23/12

If i want to see an adaptation of any of my childhood favorite reads then i definatly want to hear that Tim Burton is the one who will direct them. Any of the books by legendary children's writer Roald Dahl were amongst my favorites as well as Mordecai Richler which makes me think as i type away here, speaking of Richler's work that it would be nice to see Burton's vision on 'Jacob Two Two Meets The Hooded Fang' yet another classic (well it was to me that is) that sat on my bookshelf as a child and was read quite often. Burton brings to life with CGI and brilliant eye candy backdrops the grounds and factory of the candy making madman known as Willy Wonka( played brilliantly by charector actor Johnny Depp) The cast chosen by Burton are as colorful as his scenery with Depp as Wonka, newcomer Freddie Highmore as Charlie and most of all the horrible children Veruca Salt (Julia Winter) Augustus Gloop( Phillip Wiegratz) Mike Teevee ( Jordan Fry) and last but not least Annasophia Robb as the gum chewing Violet Beauregard. The whole cast spectacularily put this classic novel into reality which in turn becomes what i like to call comfort flicks, movies that you can watch under a blanket on a rainy or cold winter's day and get all warm and fuzzy inside.

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