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The Do Over

enjoyable. let the haters hate
smeagol - wrote on 05/30/16

The story - Sandler meets up with old friend played by buddy David spade who's character is stuck in a boring job with a cheating wife and 2 horrible kids, sandler fakes their deaths to start a new life and gives them new identities that he stole of 2 guys who were shot dead, but then find themselves in a whole heap of trouble. cue some twists in the story , things are not what they seem

There seems to be a lot of hate for adam sandler movies in recent years.this one is another that gets a good whipping by critics.
i enjoyed it. its more like a normal film than recent ones. David spade plays it straight and so does sandler really. there is some funny moments the tag team scene in particular .
it started of where your thinking hmm where is this going , this is going to be boring. but then things change more cast come in and the action begins and it becomes enjoyable. the humour is subtle by sandlers standards, its not one of those try hard movies its very toned down but there is a few scenes where they slip to old habits and get a bit too silly but the whole of the movie has a more of a play it straight style and let the comedy show rather than ham it up,
The twist is good and has a good heart. overall i enjoyed it, haters hate but i'd say watch it and decide for yourself.
its not awful and stupid like the ridiculous 6 now that was a silly movie. this is isn't that.

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