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The Intern (2015)

Pointless, sappy chick flick and Not a comedy
smeagol - wrote on 12/30/15

well this is yet another movie that's classed as a comedy BUT is not a comedy. nothing funny at all about this movie and it only ever seems to try to be funny once and that was pointless.
This is basically a chick flick with a different story. its soppy sappy pointless and apparently heartwarming.
de nero is a 70 year old who end sup working for a new business woman who runs her still new/ish own company and now employs 220 people but is struggling to cope with demand and having a husband and kid. de nero becomes her best friend and basically spends the whole movie giving her funny looks and praising how amazing she is.
many scenes are so pointless like the whole movie is. then it just ends with yet another weird scene that makes no sense. which leaves you thinking was that it. i sat through all that for nothing.
its badly written like thrown together scenes that go nowhere and characters that go nowhere, and just disapear... the worst being the speech at the end from the husband. the world outside is just so confusing. god almighty what man on earth would even say , its the kind of line a woman would say about 20 years a go and yet another example of the poor dialogue. whoever wrote this movie is living in the wrong decade. some women may like this movie cause its very pro -working lady, but they would have to ignore all the faults and terrible ending to really like it.
the attitude she has to her husbands affair is yet another thing that is stupid about this film and makes no sense...
the ending has to be one of the the worst i have ever seen .

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