smeagol's Movie Review of X-Men: Days of Future Past

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X-Men: Days of Future Past

Decent not great
smeagol - wrote on 09/07/14

The x men go back in time in this part of the franchise.
The story is very simple they have to back in time to stop a inventor getting killed which leads to their future deaths in order to prevent this happeneing they must stop one of their own from killing him. so they send wolverine back to meet their younger selves and do the job.
This movie is more about the james mcavoy and micheal fassbender and wolverine than the other x men.
i would of liked to of seen the others featured more.
as a movie i liked the last one better , this one i found to be just ok. it was just too basic of a story and too predictable., theres some good scenes esepcially the rescue scene with the fast power guy. but i was bored with the fassbender v mcvoy again sillyness and the ending i found quite lame but it was a decent enough movie. most will enjoy it. its just a little shy of me rating it 4 stars. instead i rate it ok.
one thing is for sure its better than the other superhero movies l

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