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Non-Stop (2014)

decent but conry nonsense really
smeagol - wrote on 05/27/14

Liam neeson doing what he does best but this time on a plane. trying to figure out who the person is who is killing the passengers and who has planted the bomb. The tension is pretty good as you spend a lot of the film trying to figure out who it is. i would of rated this movie as good but it gets corny and goes limp towards the end.
The little girl is just corny. the whole alcoholic backstory of neeson is tired and pointless. the chats with ground control were just silly. and the ending was just too corny for words.and very lame. the other passengers reaction to what was going on and there being a bomb on the plane was so unrealistic., such a shame as the first 3 quarters of the film is pretty good and could of been better if they took it more seriously they could of made a really good distaster../terrorist/ thriller. but instead they seemed to start of that way then went for the easy option to wrap it all up in true hollywood style. where they treat the audience as dumb, and think thats what we want. when what we really want is something thrilling and real that keeps us watching..
its worth seeing for sure and entertaining. and liam is great in it. but i cant help but think what could of been.

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