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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Just As Good As The First
JLFM - wrote on 04/12/12

This film is very similar to the first film. I refer to the flaws, the strengths, and in essence, everything that has to do with the first film. This is not good, nor bad. The first movie was an enjoyable rumpus, but it was filled with flaws and holes. This film was no different, but it balances out as being nearly as good, if not equal to the first.

The first similarity between the two films is the first half hour. The content is different enough, but it starts in the same way as the first. That is, a brilliant first half hour, then an hour and a half of pirates that never is as good as the first bit.

This time however, I was entertained a little bit more the rest of the way through. The first half hour wasn't as strong as the first film's beginning, but it makes up for it with a stronger body.

The special effects are incredible, even better than the first. The scenes with the legendary Krakken in particular are very good.

And this brings up one of "Dead Man's Chest's" biggest strengths; it's action scenes. Unlike the first, much of the action is fun and memorable. There is one elaborate part where a chase for a chest, a moving sword fight, and a clash with Davy Jone's crew all occurs at once on a beach, in a mill, and in a jungle. It's very entertaining, and quite thrilling. It's also quite elaborate, the way everything occurs at once, but I couldn't help but think about how much was just filled in with CGI later, rather than filming simotaneously.

This film does, however have some new flaws the first didn't have. One thing is the plot, or more specifically, lack of. I felt like I kept waiting for the plot to kick in. It never really did.

Also, the character of Jack Sparrow was one of the most entertaining bits of the first film. Unfortunately, he has a considerably smaller role in this film, and he can't truthfully be considered the star in this episode. This leads to a lot of dull stretches.

On the upside, the score is even stronger than that of the first. This time, it's fully composed by Hanz Zimmer and it's not only good, it's incredible. This is a soundtrack you'll want on your iPod.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is just as good as the first; with weaknesses and strengths balancing out to create an equal package. One just wishes that there was some kind of reason to all the fighting and action, because frankly, we never get one.

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