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Good, not amazing
Moviehead - wrote on 04/07/12

First, i want to say that i don't know much about conditions in vietnam war and therefore i don't know how true this film is . However it is well known that there were undisciplined soldiers in that war, was it so much as it is shown in this movie, i dont know.
Also i have to say i dont really like Oliver Stone but noone can deny him few brilliant scripts he made at the begining of his career (Scarface, Conan). Among these good Oliver stone movies is Platoon. As i said before i dont know how accurate it is but i definitly can imagine that these things happened. And they are shown pretty well.
Battles are ok, some are very intense, later nothing special. Just not intense enough (maybe budget?). Characters are smartly written. Idea is good but script is just ok, but its not amazing like Apocalypse Now. Acting is good, but sometimes i felt some characters become too cartoonish wich worked in apocalyspse now and full metal jacket but here its so-so.
Moral questions are well asked, without major sending of messages. And probably best part of film is when their man is killed and they want revenge, and than torture that village that maybe or maybe not connected to that murder. It was very intense.
All in all its good film about war, far from perfect, some parts i didnt liked at all. Apocalypce now and full metal jacket are better.

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