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One of the best Bonds!
MovieAddict - wrote on 08/17/13

The immortal line of "Do you expect me to talk Goldfinger?"

“No I expect you to die Mr Bond" replies Goldfinger should be written down as one of the greatest Movie lines in history.

"Goldfinger" is in my opinion one of the best Bond movie. Sean Connery as James Bond is superb throughout, his delivery of his dialog superb and his performance assured and confident. The basic story is fantastic with a very clever plan for world domination. The villain, played by Gert Frobe, is great as is his deathly servant, Odd Job. Who can forget his steel rimmed hat or him crushing a golf ball in his bare hand? Though he is mute, he simply oozes menace. But there are plenty of memorable images here, too. The girl painted in gold, and the figure of the hit-man reflected on Bond's lover eye are worth noting.

A classic Bond icon ….we have it all….. the tuxedo, irony, beautiful women, sexual but extremely refined innuendos, gadgets, special effects, a power-driven, psychotic villain and the outrageous Aston Martin DB5 that comes with the tire slasher, bullet proof shield , machine gun-toting headlamps and ejector seat courtesy of Q branch.

Overall, Goldfinger is a highly enjoyable and fast paced action film. I had a great time watching it again. This is a must see for any Bond fan.

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