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The Terminal (2004)

MovieAddict - wrote on 03/01/13

Viktor Navorski, (Tom Hanks) a citizen of the fictional republic of Krakozhia comes to America to accomplish one thing that his father has requested before he died but becomes stranded at the New York's JFK airport because his country's government is at war with the USA and so his visa and passport are no longer valid. The immigration officials refuse to admit or deport him so he is stuck in the transit lounge, and must survive as best he can. Eventually his honest nature wins him the trust and friendship of the airport workers. He even catches the eye of an air stewardess Amelia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) while struggling with the bureaucrats running the airport who conspire to deny him his chance to get out. Stanley Tucci plays the by-the-book JFK's Security Chief Frank Dixon. Funny and heart-warming! Although the film takes place entirely within JFK Airport Tom Hanks makes it very enjoyable and entertaining. Those stuck in an airport for lengthy amounts of time would probably relate to this movie.

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