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There's Something About Mary

There’s something about this movie.
MovieAddict - wrote on 09/16/12

Ted (Ben Stiller) is a dorky high school student who falls in love with the beautiful and vivacious Mary (Cameron Diaz), a girl who has recently moved to his Rhode Island neighborhood. Ted is smitten by Mary and over the hill when she invites him to the Prom. Things seem to be finally going his way but a series of amusing disasters at Mary's home culminates in a cringe-making accident when he gets his, ummm, member stuck in his zipper. The ensuing trip to the hospital prevents him from saying goodbye to her and she moves to Miami shortly after.

The story leaps forward thirteen years. Mary has qualified in medicine at Princeton and is now in private practice somewhere in Florida. Ted is leading a lonely and empty existence and still carrying a torch for Mary.

His friend Dom (Chris Elliott) advises Ted to go after his dream. He persuades Ted to hire a private investigator in order to trace Mary. Enter Matt Dillon as the irresistible sleazeball private eye, Pat Healey who finds out that Mary’s still a "fox" and wants her for himself. So, he lies to Ted and tells him she's fat. However, Ted eventually gets things right and the battle for Mary's affections begins. But it’s not just them who want to win her over; in fact it is almost every man in the movie after the affection of the beautiful Mary…… and will do anything to get the girl.

The crude humor won't be to everyone's taste, but if you've got the stomach for some bellyfull laughs and a small amount of smut, then you can't go far wrong here and hey the all-natural hair gel scene still cracks me up.

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