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MovieAddict - wrote on 07/01/12

Bruce Willis solidified his place in movie history by filming an entire action film barefoot. His performance as John McClane is exciting and launched the career of Willis into superstardom, spawning three sequels. McClane is not muscle bound killing machine but a New York cop who turns up in the Nakatomi Building in Los Angeles to meet his wife who he hopes to spend Christmas with. But the party gets gate crashed by terrorists led by a diabolical thief disguised as a terrorist leader Han Gruber (Alan Rickman) who takes 30 people hostage. Only McClane escapes and he ends up being everyone’s only hope against the terrorists who don't care if they spoil everyone’s Christmas.

This is the guy who started the one-liners that became a cliché for action heroes later on. He's fearless, women love him and in the tightest of situations he retains his head and his sense of humor. Die Hard’s got some of the best action scenes I have seen, scenes like when John McClane jumps off the roof of an exploding skyscraper while tied to a fire hose or when he throws C4 strapped to the chair down the elevator shaft and the whole 3rd floor blows up and then there is the scene when he tosses a body out of the window onto Al Powell's (Reginald Veljohnson) car. With comic relief provided by not only Bruce Willis, but also a young, black limo driver named Argyle, this is the perfect action movie.

This movie never gets old, even though it's been 20 plus years since its original release. If you want a seriously delightful and kick -ass action flick, watch Die Hard. As always, Bruce Willis ROCKS!

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Daniel Corleone - wrote on 07/05/12 at 08:09 AM CT

Die Hard Review comment

Alan Rickman was perfect for the role, which also compliments the talents of Willis. Cool review!

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