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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

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MovieAddict - wrote on 04/15/12

They don't make adventure movies like this anymore. The movie begins with an unforgettable chase through a circus train with a Young Indy which even explains the origins of his chin scar, his fear of snakes, and his whip and hat. (The late River Phoenix really captures the mannerisms and facial expressions of Harrison Ford in this sequence)

Dr. Jones (Indy or Junior) is on a crusade to find the Holy Grail or the Chalice of Christ and complete his father's life research and keep it from getting into the hands of the Nazis. Indy's father, Professor Henry Jones is beautifully played by Sean Connery. Mr. Connery brings that fatherly image perfectly to the screen. Dr. Jones Sr. is always obsessed with his work which is seen through Indiana's constant longing for a "real" dad or father figure. As we go through the adventure we notice that the relationship between Indy and his father is not exactly warm and fuzzy because his father never agrees with him. With the help of Dr. Marcus Brody, he sets off to the temple at Alexandetta, where the Grail is supposedly located. Along the way, evil Nazi thugs threaten Jones and his father. Dr. Elsa Schneider, played by Allison Doody is the woman who Indy falls in love with but unfortunately she is a spy for the enemy. What I liked best is the humour which is quick and very clever, most of which comes directly from the banter between Ford and Connery who positively light up the screen with wit. It is a complete hoot, and what more do you want for an evening of uncomplicated fun?

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