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Horrible Bosses

A laugh riot from beginning to end!
MovieAddict - wrote on 02/15/12

Horrible Bosses rides on the casting of its three titular bosses: Dave (Kevin Spacey), whose seemingly whole purpose in life is to make Nick's (Jason Bateman) life a complete living hell, forcing him to work long hours and endure psychological torture with the promise of a promotion at the end of the tunnel. However, Dave is unequivocally cruel and absorbs the position instead of giving Nick the job. When Nick tries to quit, Dave threatens to ruin his life.

Kurt Buckman has a similar problem at a chemical plant when his beloved long-time employer Jack Pellit (Donald Sutherland) dies, leaving his crazy, cocaine addicted son, Bobby (an almost unrecognizable Colin Farrell) as the new boss. Bobby is just interested in siphoning off as much profit from the business as possible to make his dream life of endless partying possible. Finally, there is Julia (Jennifer Aniston), the dentist who employs Dale (Charlie Day), who delights in sexually harassing him even though he is engaged to another woman. She blackmails him into not telling his fiancé that she is trying to sleep with him prior to his wedding day.

Nick, Kurt and Dale have decided their individual situations are no longer tolerable, and on one particularly bad day, the idea of doing away with their bosses is so appealing that they begin plotting to have their bosses killed. Not initially interested in getting their hands dirty, the trio stumble upon a "murder consultant", in the guise of one Mr. Dean Mother F^^ker Jones (Jamie Foxx). He suggests that they off each other's superior, a la Throw Momma from the Train. That's when the shenanigans start and the unprepared friends quickly find their scheme falling apart.

Jennifer Aniston departs from her usual romantic comedy role to become a nymphomaniac, while Colin Farrell is beyond recognition as a drug addict and Kevin Spacey give a stand out performance as a boss you would "want to take out!" "Horrible Bosses" is a dark comedy that is worth watching.

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