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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)
MovieAddict - wrote on 01/17/12

Ten years have passed since John Connor (Nick Stahl) helped to blow up Cyberdyne Systems and stop Judgment Day. Now in his 20s, he’s a homeless person living on the street where his only survival is his strength and eating off medicine at a local stray pound. His mother Sarah Conner (Linda Hamilton) is dead so the kid's got nobody else left and he is still targeted for termination. This time his would-be assassin is a gorgeous though deadly "Terminatrix" (Kristanna Loken) sent back to try and accomplish what the last two males could not succeed at doing.

The concept of a female terminator worked well, adding sex appeal and the opportunity for some humor amongst the carnage. And once more John finds himself the target of two Terminators: one out to protect him, the other to destroy him. The nightmare begins again...Of course the older Terminator T-1000 model played by Arnie stands little or no chance against the T-X which is a liquid polymer advancement on the original model but that was not the point. The Terminator's mission is to ensure John’s survival.

Connor crosses paths with an old classmate Kate Brewster (Claire Danes) a vet who is unfortunately drawn into the war against the machines and soon enough they are running from a female Terminator.
The original movie still reigns supreme for its originality but this third chapter of the Terminator franchise, is a worthy descendant although the presence of Sara Connor is sorely missed.

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