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"Self/less" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 06/13/17

A terminally ill property tycoon undergoes a process to transplant his consciousness into a young, healthy body but when he starts to experience memories not his own, he uncovers the dark secret behind the project. And I bet that you just cannot guess what that secret is, right...? Yes, Self/less is one of those one idea near future sci-fi action movies that have been a staple of Hollywood since the 1980's. Very similar to the likes of The 6th Day, Paycheck and Limitless, Selfless does at least make some small attempt to grapple with the morality of the premise; namely the unstated and underlying assumption that the life of a rich man should be somehow intrinsically worth more than that of a poor man. Despite its pretensions to being high concept, Ryan Reynolds inevitably ends up going through the usual car chase/shoot out motions although it is all handled efficiently enough by Tarsem Singh although he never gets the opportunity to stamp his usual lavish visuals onto the proceedings. A decent enough diversion, but there is little here any sci-fi fan will not have seen many times before.

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