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Queen of the Damned

"Queen Of The Damned" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 05/21/12

Another Anne Rice novel makes it to the big screen, complete with the usual frock-coated homo-eroticism and pseudo-gothic romanticism. It's the kind of film that probably really appeals to pubescent goth girls who get a kick out of watching shirtless, pouty, long-haired men spout poetry and wrestle with each other to a sub-standard Nine Inch Nails style soundtrack. None of these ingredients appeal to me however, and so I can view it with rather more objectivity. And the fact is, it's not very good. The plot is listless, there's little drama and as appealing as Aaliyah looks in her vampire queen garb, she has little to do save, well, look appealing. But by far the biggest flaw is in the direction, which is dreadfully amateurish; Rymer clearly has no idea how to direct action and it's full of horribly cornball visual effects. Probably a riot for those who want nothing more than fetish wear and nu-metal, but Blade II has far more style and Interview With The Vampire is a much more sophisticated movie.

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