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Miss Congeniality

"Miss Congeniality" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 05/10/12

I have a terrible admission to make...I like Sandra Bullock. I'm not proud of it, but her brand of kooky girl next door charm is quite appealing to me. So sue me. This is a typical example of the kind of one idea formulaic comedy that I usually detest, but Michael Caine's amusingly disdainful gay Henry Higgins plays off Sandra really well, and there are some genuinely funny lines. Add a cheerfully self-mocking supporting cast and a knowingly tongue in cheek approach and it's at the more tolerable end of this kind of feelgood pap.

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MovieAddict - wrote on 05/12/12 at 10:04 AM CT

Miss Congeniality Review comment

You're right! Caine and Bullock played off each other beautifully in this movie. I’ve been a huge fan of Sandra Bullock's and have to admit I even liked her in The Net and Speed although I hated the character she played in All about Steve. Have you seen The Proposal and Blind Side? If so, what do you think of her performance there?

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