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127 Hours

"127 Hours" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 01/04/12

A true life story of the thrill-seeking mountain climber who became trapped in a remote ravine without hope of rescue and resorted to amputating his own arm with a pen knife to escape. Danny Boyle once again finds the kind of off beat material he has made his name upon and thanks to some glorious scenery and a fine performance by the ever reliable Franco, he creates a film that is far above the usual "triumph of the human spirit" melodrama. In fact the only real drawback to the whole thing is the fact that the audience knows in advance exactly what is going to happen and therefore there are no surprises whatsoever. That and the fact that although it is embellished by Boyle's usual blend of visual gimmickry and pop music, we are still basically spending an hour and a half watching a guy in a hole. Still, it manages to engage and entertain throughout and is a pretty amazing story of physical endurance and power of will.

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