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The Adjustment Bureau

"The Adjustment Bureau" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 12/24/11

A senatorial candidate meets the woman of his dreams but an enigmatic organisation of men in black keep interfering in his life to keep them apart. The movie poster for this film contained an earnest looking Matt Damon in full Bourne pose running through a surreal cityscape, a clearly premeditated attempt to dupe the male population into thinking that The Adjustment Bureau was going to be another Inception style sci-fi thriller. The opening scenes also show some really nice chemistry between Matt and Emily Blunt and when we first see the Bureau, it seems like it's going to be more of a surreal fantasy in the shape of Eternal Sunshine. But don't be fooled. IT'S A ****ING CHICK FLICK. Far more in the vein of City Of Angels, the plot is just the old "handsome and powerful man wants to give up everything for the true love he hardly knows" that gets the ladies sighing heavily and staring into the middle distance, and the sci fi element is just some vaguery about a "divine plan" that's never explained and leads to nothing more than a bunch of running around in streets and libraries. Basically just the usual Sex And The City fan's wet dream with a few special effects thrown in to "keep the lads happy", The Adjustment Bureau even made me sit through contemporary ballet for Christ's sake. What a gyp.

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